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River Palm Terrace

41-11 Route 4 West
Fair Lawn, New Jersey
T: (201) 703-3500 | (201) 797-2897
T: (201) 797-2890 | F: (201) 797-3511

The River Palm Terrace in Fair Lawn, NJ


The River Palm Terrace has been consistently rated as New Jersey’s top steak house and one of America’s top restaurants.

Each individual restaurant hand-selects and dry-ages U.S.D.A. prime beef, the genuine article, for 28 days.

The restaurants’ own butchers then hand-cut each steak on a daily basis. Our seafood is purchased daily from the Fulton Street fish market.

Our specialty items are flown directly to our restaurants from around the country as well as from around the world. During the months of October through May, fresh Florida stone crabs arrive daily and are picked up at nearby Newark International Airport.